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Web Design

There’s a lot that goes into establishing a brand. It’s no easy task to initiate and nurture a brand; it takes a great idea to begin with and consistent work over years to build on it and establish a strong brand loyalty.

Our branding services include:

Stationery Design

Any business or organisation needs to have well-designed and distinct corporate stationery. This is the material that anybody who comes into contact with you takes home. It could be letter heads or business cards—your stationery is what people recall your brand from.

Appearance as they say is one of the most important aspects of a good design, apart from being practical and applicable in every possible situation. Lifo Technologies is equipped with essentials to give your business the professional edge and send out a message to everybody. Custom logo designing, email stationery, corporate stationery, business cards and envelopes are among a wide array of stationery design services we offer. It is crucial that you invest in developing corporate stationery which has excellent recall value so that every time you hand out a letter or a business card, the image is imprinted in the viewers’ mind for good. Your brand is as unique as you are and powerful stationery speaks for itself. Such is the power of good design. Contact us with your requirements and we will deliver service that is bound to impress you.

Corporate Brochure Design

Brochures are one of the most commonly used tools of communication and public relations. Anybody looking for information on your business is going to go through the brochures you design. These are passed on to others who do not come into direct contact with you as well, so it’s important that your brochure reaches out to all of its intended audience giving out the right messages in the best possible design. It is indeed a bit of a struggle when you have to decide what messages and information should go on to your corporate brochure. How much is too much? Are you overcrowding your brochure? It is interesting enough for people to read? Does it capture attention the way you want it to? These are questions we can help you find answers to. We analyse your business, your market, your target public and determine the necessary things that need to be incorporated. From unique designs and copywriting, to its very final stage of printing, we ensure we maintain a professional image throughout. You deserve to be different, to stand out from the crowd—trust us to do it for you!

Logo Design

Every company, organisation or firm is recognised by its logo. A logo can be a symbol, a colour, type, or a unique combination of two or more elements. What is to be expected of a logo? It needs to announce to the world who you are, it needs to talk of what your business stands for and it needs to radiate confidence, clarity and neatness. It needs to be simple so as to be able to use it on various applications, and it needs to be globally recognised. At Lifo Technologies, we offer you custom logo designing services. We combine science and art when designing a logo as we look into the functional as well as the aesthetic aspects of it.

Print Design Solutions

Promotional and press material form an essential part of a firms public relations activities. We at Lifo Technologies offer a wide range of print design services. Each print tool has its own unique appeal and needs to be designed in a way that best expresses what we intend to communicate through it and to whom. Print design can aid brand building and creating long lasting impressions to a large extent.


Corporate Presentations

Corporate presentations are required to be crisp, to the point and concise. It needs to consist of information that is presented in ways that can be grasped instantly by an audience, including diagrams, graphical representation, animation, custom templates and the like. A custom designed template helps the presenter establish a brand for himself as well as the organisation, apart from making evident the amount of work that has gone into the presentation.

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